I flew through here once in 1945, but I didn't land

Welcome to Frankfurt. (I’ve got a one-hour stopover here to stretch my legs and, should I so choose, spend four euros for a tiny bottle of orange juice.)

The interior design in this part of the airport is a bit… well… industrial. No false ceilings (so the ceiling is a mess of exposed ducting and pipework), and incandescent floodlights for lighting - it looks like a construction site, but there’s no evidence of it being under construction. I can only assume it’s meant to look this way.

Maybe it’s supposed to scare you out of the terminal building and onto the plane - “ve haff vays of makink you fly” sort of thing.

While I’m writing, here’s an early JRE-Keeps-You-Entertained-All-Weekend bonus. Previously on LOST…