The war will be fought and won by Starbucks and Apple and Nike and MTV

(JRE apologises for the editorialising in this post’s title.)

The Reuters Photographers blog is always pretty interesting, even if you’re not a photography nerd. There’s an amusing post up there today discussing “what to do when the Devil appears over Hillary Clinton’s shoulder”.

But yesterday’s post was a real winner - an illustrated report from Pyongyang, from a photog who was covering the New York Philharmonic’s controversial visit. Quoth:

_We were taken to a subway station and ushered onto an 80-meter-long escalator, and while we were traveling down, coming up the other side were ordinary commuters. Their appearance to me was of complete helplessness, all passing slowly as if in a trance, heads bowed, staring blankly, faces unmoved. The best description is a factory conveyor-belt.__


The Economist also has an insightful article about the trip.

KCNA, the North Korean news agency, has a press release buried among its gimme-that-old-time-Stalinist-religion propaganda.