Nyah nyah, Paris, this one is better

My expedition today was to Tokyo Tower. It’s 30 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower, half as heavy, and bright orange and white against the Eiffel Tower’s drab grey. (And it’s about fifteen bucks to get up to the observation lounge, which is only about as high as my hotel room - so I stayed firmly at ground level.)

Here’s a snap. There’s more photos here (now with even more photos of cherry blossoms, even though cherry blossom season probably won’t technically start until Sunday).

Obligatory postcard photo

Right next to the Tower is Zojoji Temple, where most of the Tokugawa-era (17th to late-19th century) shoguns are buried (and keep in mind that this is ten minutes’ train ride from downtown Tokyo).

You’ll never guess who I found in the temple grounds, praying to Buddha for some plutonium for Christmas. Some say that he can summon one hundred tiny samurai with a wave of his tiny fist, and that he invented Hello Kitty. All we know is, he’s called Tiny Robot.

(If you need more Tiny Robot, here’s a snap of him in front of Tokyo Tower.)

Tiny Robot prays to Buddha