I'm so high.

Four hundred and forty-five metres high. Here’s the view from the CN Tower - higher than Chicago’s Sears Towers, higher than the Petronas Towers, higher than the Eiffel Tower, you name it.

Downtown Toronto

I walked all the way downtown, through Queens Park (the squirrels were out foraging) and a few snow flurries - so my hands were frozen by the time I reached the tower. But it’s heated inside, and there’s a not-too-bad restaurant up on the main viewing deck (about 330 metres up), so I sat there, warmed up, and shot some photos.

There’s a viewing pod even higher up - 445 metres, or about 147 storeys above ground - which has a spectacular view right across to Niagara Falls (if it’s a clear day, which it wasn’t today). But I did get some nice photos of the airport that’s just opened up downtown:

Cleared for landing