I have seen the future, and the future looks bright

おはよう ございます from Tokyo!

I’m wandering around the Ginza shopping district this morning, and I’ve found an interesting little TV in Sony’s enormous flagship showroom. It’s only eleven inches big, and ¥200,000 (about $2100 USD, or $2200 AUD), but it has one very neat little gimmick – it’s the first mass-production TV with an OLED display.

And if this is the future, then the future is going to be awesome. It’s incredibly bright and sharp (better than any LCD or plasma you’ve ever seen), and the colour reproduction is mindblowing – it makes every other TV on the market look dull and flat. And even better – it’s miniscule. The actual screen part is about as thick as three credit cards (yes I measured it, and got some rather suspicious looks from the sales lady for my trouble).

The only downsides at the moment are price and size – but once this thing reaches the mass market, we’re going to see a lot of people junking their hard-earned plasmas and LCDs.

(Side note: Im typing this on one of the Macbook Airs in the Ginza Apple Store. I want one very badly; the only problem is that this one has a Japanese keyboard layout and I cant find the apostrophe. Im terribly sorry about that.)

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2 Responses to I have seen the future, and the future looks bright

  1. Si says:

    I am officially refusing to upgrade until there are some decent OLED TVs in Aus.
    I see OLED replacing LCD universally and it can’t happen soon enough.
    But how can they call this “world’s thinnest”??? Have you seen the base on this thing? It’s hideous!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trust me, it’s not that hideous. The base is about an inch thick – tall enough for an ethernet jack, pretty much. (Yep, it has ethernet – and USB as well.)

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