Hanging out in the big blue room

Apologies for the slight posting delay. SF has just had its two brightest, sunniest days in months, and I’ve been out enjoying them (and trying to recover from jetlag).


There was a Metafilter meetup on Sunday, so I wandered out to Crissy Field (which used to be an ugly airstrip, and has since been turned into a park and wetland bird habitat), met everyone, and shot a bunch of photos. There was a bridge:

Into the Blue

A rock:

The Rock

And some photogenic dogs:

Meet Zoe

The rest of the photoset is available here - there’s some pretty good ones in there.

(This post was brought to you by Gallery Cafe. They have strong coffee, fresh bagels, and free wifi - which is handy when your checkout time is midday but your flight doesn’t leave until 10pm.)