You’ve probably noticed how weak the US dollar is lately. Try this on for size.

At an Apple store in the USA, the top-spec Macbook Air costs USD 3,098.

In Australia, it costs AUD 4,338 (USD 4,056). A roundtrip to Honolulu on Jetstar (if you can handle Jetstar economy class) will set you back about AUD 920.

In Britain it costs GBP 2,028 (USD 4,045), and a round-trip to JFK costs as little as GBP 215.

In Singapore, it costs SGD 5,088 (USD 3,670), and a round-trip to Los Angeles costs SGD 820.

In any of those three countries, it’s cheaper to fly to America, buy the laptop there, and fly back, than it is to buy it locally.

This would also work for big cameras, big lenses, and pretty much any luxury goods.