Gisele Bundchen would still be involved somehow

A few weeks ago, JRE contemplated a fantasy world with hammocks and Caymanian beaches and gin-and-tonics. (And Gisele Bundchen would have been involved somehow.)

There shouldn’t be any debate about which gin to use, but nobody ever seems to think about the “tonic” side of the equation (and I didn’t think there were any alternatives to Schweppes). Here’s an interesting development: Fever-Tree Tonic Water, made with hand-pressed orange oil from Tanzania, natural quinine from the fever-tree (see below), and spring water. They also make bitter lemon, ginger ale, soda water, and lemonade.

Does anyone know where I can pick up a slab of this stuff in Singapore?

(If we’re being picky, quinine doesn’t come from fever trees. It comes from the _Cinchona_ genus, which is native to South America; fever trees are part of genus Acacia, and are native to Africa.)