You know the answer sure ain't... well, here

Jimmy Barnes was in town on Saturday night, and JRE was there.

The painfully hip (and criminally understaffed) Bar Opiume played host to the largest single crowd of Aussies between Earl’s Court and Darwin - probably five or six hundred of us. The support act didn’t finish until nearly 11pm, so by the time he actually took the stage, it was also the most-liquored crowd of Aussies between Earl’s Court and Darwin.

Not that any of us minded. After a few obligatory tracks from his new album, the crowd demanded - and the night became - an enormous Best of Barnesy singalong. He comes with a bit of a “may-cause-nostalgia” warning, but if you ever have a chance to see him perform in front of a crowd like this - small, noisy, and able to remember all the lyrics to Khe Sanh - grab it with both hands.

Unfortunately, the camera on my iPhone doesn’t like low light… so I have one photo of a Jimmy-Barnes-shaped smudge, and four photos of a washed-out white area. Crud. Instead, here’s the video for Working Class Man; crack open a VB and sing along.