Save the whales; collect the whole set

The sandal-wearing tree-hugging Linux-using bong-hitting eco-mentalist weird-beard anti-progress enviroterrorists at Greenpeace are asking visitors to their website to pick a name for a whale that they’re stalking. 29 of the 30 names are boring flower-child names from the 1960s (“Aurora”, “Libertad”, “Mira”, “Shanti”), and are deservedly getting no votes at all. (I suggested “Sashimi”, but they didn’t like that.)

The only name that’s not a boring flower-child name from the 1960s - and is therefore polling well over 70% of the vote - is “Mister Splashy Pants”.

You can vote for Mister Splashy Pants on the Greenpeace website - but be quick, voting closes in a few hours. (And then you can go here and read all about fast, noisy, awesome cars, so your mind isn’t wrecked by the Greenpeace website.)

(Followup: webcomic The Joy of Tech takes this to its obvious conclusion.)