Probably not, no.

Are you getting what you pay for when you buy GreenPower?

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3 Responses to Probably not, no.

  1. Si says:

    Hey, nice find. I have always “felt” that those pay-extra-for-green schemes were a bunch of bullshit, and so steered clear of them. But good to see someone has actually dug a little deeper.

  2. zevans says:

    Interesting reading. So apparently it is pretty difficult to buy some honest green power. That’s a shame. It sounds like the GreenPower system was created to give a little bit of slack and it got out of hand.
    This could turn into a big deal in the not-so-distant future.

  3. Josh says:

    I reckon you’re right – if a journalist latched onto this over the christmas season, it could turn into something quite big. Come on, investigative journalists of the world – where are you?

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