JRE's Year in Review: November

In November of 1984, just before Gorbachev came to power, JRE’s Year in Review surfaced just south of the Grand Banks. It then sank in deep water, apparently suffering a radiation problem. Unconfirmed reports indicated some of the jokes were rescued. But according to repeated statements by both Soviet and American governments, nothing of what you are about to see … ever happened.

In November of 2007:

The WSJ accused Merrills of dodgy trading to hide mortgage losses; Merrills accused the WSJ of libel … Bear Stearns CEO James Cayne asked “duuudes, why can’t we all just get along?” … Jay-Z went long euros, Gisele Bundchen stayed long dollars, and JRE proposed an arbitrageKevin Rudd won the Aussie election after a massive swing to the ABC … the Springfield power plant was damaged by a massive explosion; no word on whether it was caused by an absent-minded employee in Sector 7-G …

And Jeremy Clarkson thought he got away with that.