JRE's Year in Review: January

It’s that time of year again. When the news cycle starts to run down, when everyone’s cleared out for the holidays (except me…), and people become desperate for something, anything to fill the space… yup, it’s time for JRE’s Year in Review!

In January:

Steve Jobs announced the iPhone - AAPL shares roared 8.5% higher that day, and people started queueing outside Apple stores until they heard that it wasn’t going to be released until July … Rafael Correa, the new el Presidente of el Ecuador, threatened to default on the country’s debt to fund “socialist programs”, but nobody paid attention until he threatened to withdraw Miss Ecuador from the next Miss Universe pageant … Aussie petrol retailers were accused of price-fixing after ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel had to pay $2.50 for a Mars Bar at his local servo … life imitated the Simpsons in a sleepy Spanish village, when the mayor was shot dead and everyone in the village was deemed a suspect …

And a tiny robot named Tiny Robot made his first appearance on JRE.