I Still Haven't Found... oh, wait, here it is

It’s been twenty years since U2 released their ten-times-platinum, top-thirty-greatest-albums-of-all-time, magnum opus _The Joshua Tree_. To commemorate the occasion, they’ve remastered and re-released it - there’s even a double-vinyl version for DJs and weird-beard audiophile types.

It should be out now at all good music stores (and even at lousy ones… why does HMV.com.sg redirect to HMV Hong Kong?) - make sure you buy the version with the “Remastered Audio” sticker on it, though. JRE recommends buying it, sticking it in your CD player and turning the volume up to eleven. Especially this track.

(Postscript: JRE takes no responsibility if you buy the vinyl version and attempt to stick that in your CD player.)