A thought

Aussie readers will know of The Athlete’s Foot - a chain of shops that specialises in selling sports shoes, with reasonably knowledgeable sales assistants and decent service. There is nothing like that in Singapore. Sample conversation between me and a sales assistant at World of Sports (think Rebel Sport with less range): Sales droid: Can I help you? Me: Hi. I’m male, and therefore utterly baffled by shoes. Can you help me pick out a shoe that I can wear to the gym, but also won’t cause me to break an ankle if I ever play squash in it? Sales droid: Huh? Me: (holding up a Mizuno court-sports shoe) Uh, something like this one? And I don’t know what size I am; could you measure me up? Sales droid: Measure you? Take off your shoe. (Inspects my shoe.) It says you’re an eleven. Me: But these shoes are too tight. I need an eleven-and-a-half or a twelve. Sales droid: We only have sizes up to eleven. I’ll get you this shoe in an eleven. (Ed note: this is a pitfall of being an expat Caucasian in Asia; it’s not easy to find clothes that fit.) Me: But… other shoes…? Other sizes…? I ended up buying the Mizuno in an eleven. (Funnily enough, the fit was perfect. Mizuno must build their shoes larger than normal.) The person who brings The Athlete’s Foot to Singapore will strike it rich.