A much-needed injection of intelligence

Boing Boing ran an article a couple of days ago about an interesting new gadget - a leather satchel with a solar panel on one side of it to charge all your gadgets.

A few commenters were distinctly underwhelmed. Sample quote: “any possible energy savings or efficiencies generated by the solar array are entirely eliminated by the wasteful process of energy-intensive animal rearing. That bag has a huge footprint it would need to fill before it becomes ‘carbon neutral’ again”.

Boing Boing webmaster - and sci-fi-author, and internet celebrity - Cory Doctorow posted a dead-on reply:

_All the people reading this blog are digging coal with their spacebars, and living a lifestyle that is dozens of orders of magnitude more environmentally damanging that the majority of the world’s population.

The answer to that conundrum can’t be that we all live like Darfur refugees. It has to be that we develop better technology that permits more people to live better lives – and solar-charging bags are part of that technology.


A lot of greenies don’t seem to understand this.