This is not a promising start.

Dear Fox Business Channel:

Happy birthday and all that. Congratulations on the launch. The “What is Wall Street?” article performed a great public service by explaining that Wall Street is not actually a very big street, and that the big building on Broad Street is not the only place where people can trade those “equity” thingamies.

I just have one question. In the second-last paragraph… who or what is “Barklays Capital“?

This is not a promising start

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2 Responses to This is not a promising start.

  1. Eleanor says:

    I’m far more concerned by the first paragraph. Is the currency on the NYSE people for the most part? And presumably since this is their distinguishing feature, and that Nasdaq does not involve specialists, does this mean that the trading mechanism there involves ignorant robots?
    Since I know nothing about these things feel free to enlighten me. The grammar above just feels really awkward.

  2. Anonymous says:

    …good lord, you’re right. That’s really, really abysmal writing.
    All the editors at Fox Business must’ve been out on the turps when the journalists hit the “Post” button on this one.
    (And since the Nasdaq exchange is 100% computerised, and dominated by high-frequency automated trading by hedge funds, “ignorant robots” is actually a pretty good summary of what goes on over there.)

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