Praaaaise Apple!

I have a second Mac hiding away behind the TV - it does media server, bittorrent, and (now) Time Machine duty - all that stuff you wouldn’t want to do on a laptop.

Front Row - the “media center” interface - is great… but on Tiger (10.4), it has one big, annoying bug. It always tries to render every movie you scroll past in the menu, and for some reason AVIs take about 30 seconds to render - so scrolling through my House or Studio 60 episodes was painfully slow.

In Leopard, they’ve replaced the old Front Row interface with the new one from the Apple TV. And, joy of joys, it doesn’t render every single movie immediately! Hallelujah!

Anyhow, if you have a Mac doing media center duty, upgrade it to Leopard. You won’t regret it.