Did Vista provoke crowds like this?

So I’ve been bitten by the Leopard bug, despite my protestations that
I’d wait a couple of weeks and let the bugs iron themselves out.

I headed out to Funan mall after work, in search of Leopard – and an
enormous external hard disk for Time Machine. The Challenger store
(Aussie readers, think Harris Technology; US readers, think Best Buy)
solved the hard disk problem: 500GB for SGD200 is pretty good in my

So I thought I’d push my luck and ask them if they had Leopard in stock.
“Leopard. The new Mac OS?”
“Sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“…oh, forget it.”

I left Challenger, wandered down the escalator, and ran straight into
a mob of people crammed into the mall’s biggest Apple reseller. Not
only was there a launch party, there was free food. Jackpot.

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