Did Vista provoke crowds like this?

Did Vista provoke crowds like this?, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

So I’ve been bitten by the Leopard bug, despite my protestations that

I’d wait a couple of weeks and let the bugs iron themselves out.

I headed out to Funan mall after work, in search of Leopard - and an

enormous external hard disk for Time Machine. The Challenger store

(Aussie readers, think Harris Technology; US readers, think Best Buy)

solved the hard disk problem: 500GB for SGD200 is pretty good in my


So I thought I’d push my luck and ask them if they had Leopard in stock.


“Leopard. The new Mac OS?”

“Sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

”…oh, forget it.”

I left Challenger, wandered down the escalator, and ran straight into

a mob of people crammed into the mall’s biggest Apple reseller. Not

only was there a launch party, there was free food. Jackpot.