That’s not a fire – THIS is a fire!

The Japanese Grand Prix is running at the moment – despite a massive rainstorm, which has cut visibility to a few metres (unless you’re Lewis Hamilton, driving at the front of the field and kicking up spray in everyone else’s face).

The highlight so far – aside from the unprecedented 17 laps under the safety car – was a minor fuel explosion on Takuma Sato’s Honda. It brought back memories of the much larger and much more terrifying fuel explosion on Jos Verstappen’s Benetton, back at the 1994 German Grand Prix.

Here it is (with commentary by the one and only Murray Walker) – and here’s a slow-motion replay.

Verstappen suffered minor burns to his nose.

Postscript: It’s pretty funny to hear Murray Walker – Mr. “In his quieter moments he sounds like his trousers are on fire”, according to Clive James – imploring the viewers to “just let’s keep calm”.

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  1. Si says:

    LOL. I love how Walker tries desperately to reassure the audience that it will all be OK. Still, very spectacular. The slomo is awesome how you can see the fuel explode almost instantaneously.

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