Starhub throttles international traffic on port 80

So I’m in the middle of trying to unlock four iPhones. Part of this involves downloading the latest iPhone firmware from Apple - a 90MB file. Shouldn’t be a problem on my fantastic 12Mbps Starhub cable connection, right?


I tried to download the file via Safari and it felt like my entire system had seized up. The download was trundling along at a leisurely 50kbps - worse than a dialup modem. At that speed, a 90MB file takes over five hours to download. wget did the same thing.

I set my alarm for midnight and resigned myself to having to wait for the download to finish - until I saw this thread on Starhub’s forums. A couple of speed tests showed that Starhub seems to be throttling international traffic on port 80 to about 70-80kbps. (There’s also some speculation that this is because they’re too tight-fisted to upgrade their international bandwidth.)

So, to test this, I wgetted the file to the server (in the USA), and I’m now slurping it down through SFTP on a different port. And surprise, surprise, it’s trundling along at 560kbps - or about 20 minutes of download time.

If anyone from Starhub is reading this, fix your international link! This is unacceptable, and it is not what I pay seventy bucks a month for!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Watch this space for news of the status of said iPhones.