Non-Fatal Error (n): Eating dodgy curry

I thought it’d be a good idea to cap off last night with a chicken murtabak from the little curry joint just down the road. Normally, this is a pretty good idea - it’s not too expensive, and it’s exceptionally filling. Last night, I got the dodgy chicken. Ooog.

So I spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself and stacking my new bookshelf. Since I moved into the apartment (over two months ago), I’ve had a mountain of books, CDs, and DVDs sitting on the floor waiting for a home - which they now have.

Most of the pile was stuff I scooped up and jammed into the twelve boxes that the removalists took; I didn’t have time to look through it, so there were a few interesting finds in there. Most notably:

First person to comment on this post gets one of them; you just have to come up here and claim it in person. Go.