A rep from iPhoneSimFree.com - one of the four rival iPhone unlockers - has just (well, four hours ago) posted this little tidbit on the Hackint0sh forums (emphasis mine):

iphonesimfree is not the Dev Team. I offered to buy the rights to a software unlock from them. Uniquephones / iPhoneunlocking does not have a software unlock and was waiting for iphonesimfree to release the software first then re engineer it as their own.

iphonesimfree will be releasing its software in the next 48 hours.

He later goes on to say “I have been advised not to comment anymore on the release and timing”, but that’s certainly better than nothing.

Watch this space. Or this space. Or, for that matter, this space. Or any bloody space on the interwebs, they’ll all be reporting it anyway.

(Except, possibly, for Gizmodo, which has taken the editorial line that any unlock that’s not Open Sourced, GPLed, and generally communist-friendly is not Morally Pure and must be shunned. Funnily enough, they didn’t make any mention of this stance until the day after bitter rival Engadget landed a spectacular scoop with the (for-pay, not open-source) iPhoneSimFree unlock.)