The Merlion, Sunday morning

The Crowd, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

The best time to take photos of the Merlion is just after sunrise, around 7 to 8 am. After that point, the light’s too harsh - and the crowds are too big, especially on weekends. See also: the above photo, taken about 9.30am on a Sunday morning.

Side note: when I was sitting in Coffee Club writing this post, the background music was Glory of Love, Peter Cetera’s mawkish (word of the day!) love theme from The Karate Kid Part II. I thought that song had sunk without trace (along with Ralph Macchio’s career), but it seems I’m wrong… break out the padded shoulders and suspenders, ladies and gentlemen, the 80s are back.

Now, where’s my Rubik’s Cube?