Not Dead Yet

…or at all. In lieu of blogging, I’ve been:

  • Reading: Born to be Riled, the first collection of Jeremy Clarkson’s columns from the Sunday Times. If you like Top Gear, you’ll like these columns; if you don’t, you’ll think they’re a disgraceful paean to excessive speeding and reckless consumption of our fragile planet’s scarce resources. (Listed as out-of-stock on Amazon, but Aussie readers should be able to find it in their ABC shop, and Singaporean readers will find it in Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City.)

  • Watching: House, season 1. For some reason, HMV over here stocks the widescreen Region 1 DVDs alongside the pan-and-scan Region 3 DVDs. It makes a bit of a mockery of DVD region coding. (Now, if only they’d do the same for Xbox 360 games.)

  • Listening to: George Thorogood’s back catalogue, thanks to iTunes. iTMS users: if Get a Haircut and Bad to the Bone aren’t in your music library, you can fix that by clicking here. (They’re also available in iTunes Plus versions, for the DRM-hating Linux nazis out there.)

  • Photographing: Not a lot. I’ll fix that up this weekend… watch this space.