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Waterskier #1, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

What happens when Canon Singapore books out a waterskiing park, sets up $70,000 worth of cameras and $200,000 worth of lenses, and throws it open to the public?

(Aside from an enormous insurance bill.)

The answer: photos like this. (More to come when I get the .RAW converter set up.)

I shot this with the legendary 1200mm(!) f/5.6L lens. It’s a metre long, weighs 16 kilos, and costs over $100,000 AUD. It’s only built by request, only a few of them exist anywhere in the world, and Canon had one set up for any mug to come along and play with.

Anecdotal evidence says that eight to ten of these lenses exist. The founder of Oakley owns one; Sports Illustrated magazine owns two; I think Associated Press owns one; and Canon Professional Services (which loans cameras and lenses to pro photogs) owns exactly one - this one.

This guy was about 50 metres away. Have a look at the detail in the water spray - and the almost total lack of noise, even though I was shooting at ISO 1000. (That’s more due to the camera, though - the brand-new 1D Mark III. I want one - and at $8k AUD, it’s more achievable than the lens.)