Hainanese: Frickin’ Nice

(JRE apologises for the dismal pun in the title.)

Singapore’s a cheap place to eat – if you know where to go.

Find a hawker centre, or one of the hawker-ish food courts in the bigger malls (Wisma Atria on Orchard Road has a good one, and there’s an OK one in Raffles City). Track down the Hainanese chicken rice stand, and order a plate. (Don’t forget to grab some chilli sauce and soy sauce to go with it.) You get a decent chunk of poached (and very yummy) chicken; a big helping of ginger-flavoured rice, and (usually) some cucumber slices.

It’ll set you up for lunch or dinner, and it’ll cost you, at most, S$4.

(Another money-saving tip – the little money-changing shops in Raffles Place charge about one-tenth the spread that you’d pay at a bank. They’ll be 60 to 100 points wide in AUD/SGD, whereas you’d pay 400 points at a bank, or 600 to 1000 points at, say, Melbourne Airport.)

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2 Responses to Hainanese: Frickin’ Nice

  1. Si says:

    Mmmm that sounds uber-yummy! I want some. Do you know if they deliver? ;-)

  2. Josh says:

    I’m sure they could, but it might be a leeetle expensive. You’ll just have to get yourself up here and see what the fuss is about.

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