A note to the citizens of Toowoomba

There was a kerfuffle in the Queensland town of Toowoomba not long ago about the introduction of “recycled water” into the town’s drinking water supply. The measure was voted down, after people with “no scientific or water treatment expertise” (quoth the Sydney Morning Herald) decided they would rather keep draining the rivers.

Anyhow. The Singapore Government was handing out bottles of recycled water at Clarke Quay this morning, promoting the new water recycling program - nice timing, given that it’s 30 degrees out there today.

And you know, it’s not as bad as Toowoomba makes it out to be. As far as I could tell, it was… y’know… water. A bit flat-tasting, maybe - it wasn’t chilled or anything - but nevertheless water.

It’s not going to kill you.