Telstra reams its customers once again

I was dismayed to find out that Telstra have just shut down their WBA roaming agreement, which let you use T-Mobile’s wifi hotspots for the cost of an international SMS. But don’t worry - it says right there on the Wireless Hotspot webpage, “Telstra’s new Next G™ Network offers mobile broadband roaming to over 30 countries and GPRS roaming to over 140 countries.”

So I went to the annoying flash-laden NextG website; and found the international roaming price. Quoth Telstra:

International roaming on your BigPond Wireless Broadband Mobile service is charged at $15.00 (GST excl) per MB, plus an additional $0.50 (GST excl) Flagfall (connection fee).

$15.00 a megabyte, plus GST. That’s… hmm… multiply by 1024… add 10%… need calculator… hmmm….. sixteen thousand, eight hundred and ninety-six dollars a gigabyte.

Nice job, Telstra. It’d be cheaper to sign up for Verizon’s EV-DO or Cingular’s EDGE data service when you arrive in the USA, and cancel it just before you fly back.