Welcome to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong postcard view, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

Welcome to Hong Kong! Having lovely time, wish you were here.

(Photoset here, or read on for more.)

One of my friends has been raving for years about how good the electronics markets are in HK, and I finally had the chance to see what he’s on about. The Apliu Street market is full of stalls and shops that specialise in second-hand gear (including some very nice old hi-fi gear at insanely cheap prices), and around the corner, there’s a building with a computer market in the basement and a Kowloon is on the north side of the bay - it’s where you’ll find the Jade Market, the Ladies’ Market, and enough neon to induce epileptic fits in sensitive persons. Hong Kong proper is on the south side of the bay - it has the central business district, the famous Peak, and Hong Kong Park.

Everyone should go up the Peak Tram at least once - it’s where I shot the above photo - but if you do, don’t just hang around the peak plaza. If you wander up Mount Austin Road for a couple of minutes, there’s a little lookout and a shelter, with better views than the Peak tower, and nobody else to annoy you… you can sit there for hours and watch the view.