The crowd

The crowd, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

I headed out to give my camera a bit of a workout, but I didn’t plan on going to a rock concert. But there on Port Melbourne beach, at the far end of the 109 tram, was Ross Wilson (ex of Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock), performing a few of his greatest hits.

There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than lying on the beach, listening to some classic Aussie rock.

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One Response to The crowd

  1. Mark Meyer says:

    I’m very envious!! I have been a big Ross Wilson fan since his Daddy Cool days, and I have yet to have the opportunity to see him live. Living over here in the USA makes that difficult to impossible. Last year, he was booked to appear in Nashville. I booked airline tickets and hotel reservations, but our wonderful Department of Homeland Security would not issue him a working visa. They said he wasn’t “culturally significant” (It was an Australian festival). Aside from maybe Slim Dusty and Billy Thorpe, who else is MORE culturally significant?????
    Anyhoo, celebrate the fact that you have the great fortune to live in one of the great music cities of the world (you live in the Melbourne area, right?). If I had any choice in the matter, Melbourne would have been high on the list of where I’d like to have been born and raised.

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