Good(?) Game

Good Game, ABC2 (Channel 21 on your free-to-air digital STB), Tuesday nights, 8:30pm. It’s billed as “TV by gamers, for gamers”.
Eleanor’s reaction: “Well… you can definitely tell it’s by gamers.”
My reaction: “I want my fourteen cents a day back.”
Zac’s reaction: “Which would be better? Three serves of curry, or four serves?”
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2 Responses to Good(?) Game

  1. Si says:

    Come on guys, is it really that bad? Have I been yearning for digital TV and all the cool stuff on ABC2 for nothing?

  2. Eleanor says:

    After less than ten minutes of watching it I will reserve judgement. I believe the premise of the show sounds good, perhaps the lame segment on sports games was an abberation. It *was* kind of fun hearing “pwned” on air…
    There was an interview with one of the guys in the latest Green Guide.

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