Today is a momentous day.

I’m about to switch off my Windows server. It’s been running for nearly three years (with frequent reboots for security patches), doing file serving (now done by the Mac Mini that hides behind the TV), Bittorrent client duties (ditto), DVD burning (ditto), DNS and DHCP serving (the lil’ ADSL router), and Exchange serving (.Mac can replace almost all of this, except for task-list syncing, which I will miss). This is the last Windows box I own (well, there’s the desktop that’s on loan to Mum and Dad), and it’s about to be shut off. So here goes… let’s hope I haven’t forgotten anyt44hl4$^H@#$J@$ … NO CARRIER … …just kidding. So would anyone like to buy a computer? P3-933, shiny aluminium Lian-Li case, half a gig of RAM, and about 250GB of assorted disks, works beautifully with Windows 2003 Server? I’m not gonna chuck it on eBay - I want it to go to a good home. Shoot me an email.