Josh Imbibes Everything: 2000 Starvedog Lane Shiraz

I’ve had a few bottles of 2000 Starvedog Lane Shiraz - a big, chunky Adelaide Hills red - sitting up in my wardrobe for a few years. The cellaring notes on the website say 5-7 years… so I think it’s about time we drank some. I made Zac and Eleanor drink some as well - otherwise it would’ve only been a single-blind experiment. Our tasting notes are below. (Or read a more educated review at the link. And apparently it’s now $26 a bottle - or CAD30 from these guys.)

We were eating it with: Assorted homemade pizzas. We started off with a potato pizza, then Hawaiian, then a hot-salami-and-rocket, then a mushroom, then “the lot”. Eleanor says it goes well with hot salami. Colour: Um, red? Eleanor suggests ‘burgundy’. Bouquet: Fermented grapes. Kind of peppery, but I think you’d expect that from a shiraz. I’ve got no idea. Palate: Big and heavy and alcoholic. Lays down a big layer of spices, then washes it away with forest berries. I remember this stuff was really tart when I tried it a couple years ago… it’s mellowed nicely. Give it a couple years and some more time to aerate, and it should be extremely smooth (and quite potent, as well). Eleanor subscribes to the theory that if you don’t know how to describe it, describe the person nearest to you in the room. So it has a big nose, a slightly purple colour, a spicy aroma, and a stripy tee-shirt. Zac says: Do you remember that episode of The Games where that guy changed his name to Sydney Olympic Games? That was pretty funny. Rachel says: No thanks, I had plenty last night. (We drank a bottle of fair-to-middling Otway Estate chardonnay. I’ve had worse, but I’ve had better.) On balance: that’s one “good” and three “something unrelated”. I call that a plurality. Buy it.