Attention, Mac users

Edit: Welcome, Metroblogging Melbourne readers! And if you know of any other places that are handling the battery recall, leave a comment. If you live in Australia, the battery exchange program for Powerbooks and iBooks isn’t run by Apple - it’s handled by their authorised service centres. Check your battery serial number at the above link. If you’re affected, and you’re in Melbourne or Hobart, save yourself some time and go straight to Next Byte. Melbourne - phone 03 9429 5002 Hobart - phone 03 6238 1000 Ask for the service department, and tell them it’s in regard to the battery exchange program. They’ll take down your details and the battery serial number, and order a new battery for you. Awfully nice of ‘em. (That said, it’ll take four to six weeks, so if your pride and joy explodes in that time, you’re still kinda boned.) (Technorati tags: Apple, Powerbook, battery, Melbourne, Hobart)