Do I buy a 360?

I am sorely tempted to buy an xBox 360. Should I? After the jump, the for-and-against. Fearless readers - leave a comment. Let me know what you think. Try and talk me down from the ledge of this rash purchase, or sneak up behind me and shove, hard.



  • I’ve run out of component video inputs on the AV receiver.

  • Will I be able to cart it over to Singapore? (To be fair, the answer to that one is ‘yes’.)

  • Table Tennis, Test Drive Unlimited, Prey, Halo, DoA4… and… um… nope, that’s it.

  • xBox Live is apparently populated by potty-mouthed 13-year-olds with microphones (rated MA, contains strong coarse language, adult themes, geek humour).

  • Apparently they’re upgrading it to have an HDMI port - sometime soon.

  • Who’d want an external HD-DVD drive? Seriously?

So that’s a few points for, and against. What do I do, fearless readers?