SF Day 4 - Ghirardelli Square

I woke up and wanted chocolate. So… I wandered over the hill to Ghirardelli Square, assuming that there’d be some sort of Ghirardelli chocolate available there. There was. This is the chocolate-making machine that runs in the Ghirardelli chocolate shop. The rest of the photoset is here. Ghirardelli chocolate making

This is a pretty short one - it’s not far off the route I took on day 1. I walked a slightly different way down Mason, though, taking me past Grace Cathedral and the imposing Fairmont and Intercontinental hotels on top of Nob Hill (which might explain why it got the ‘Snob Hill’ nickname). I stopped off at this little cafe for a coffee, and wandered into the Cable Car Museum across the road. You can actually see the mechanism that drives the whole cable-car system, and it’s pretty impressive. One final leg downhill (with some spectacular views of Alcatraz), and I was at Ghirardelli square. They had chocolate. Alcatraz (And, just along the waterfront, an exhibition of Dr. Seuss’ drawings and lithographs. Oh, the places you’ll go.) On the way back, I made the mistake of walking back along Hyde St. The road (from the corner to the 4km mark, if you’re following the route map) is painfully steep - it rises 100m in half a kilometer. If nothing else, visiting SF is a good workout… And here’s the route I walked. Only 6.5km today, and a total of 37km so far in SF. If I walk to Sausalito tomorrow, that should put me over 50km for the week. (Postscript: I found out that there’s a Ghirardelli store half a block south of Union Square, along Stockton. But where’s the fun in that?)