Seattle, days 1-2

Welcome to Seattle. I’m staying in the uni district while I’m up here, and spent most of the first two days wandering around the University of Washington campus. It looks suprisingly like the University of Melbourne; lots of leafy green space, soaring old buildings, that sort of thing… but without the slightly odd 70s-ish architecture that you occasionally see at Unimelb, and with better views. If I’d had a polarising filter (or had remembered to bring my sunglasses), you’d be able to see Mount Rainier in this photo. More after the jump. UWash landscape

The university district is probably one of the trendier places in Seattle, but it’s laid-back as well - and did I mention the coffee is pretty good? The best places are along University Avenue - I blogged at one point from Cafe on the Ave, which does a really nice bowl of soup. Seattle is, as I mentioned before, a picturesque city. As a bonus - here’s a photo I shot from the concourse of Washington National Airport (apparently you’re not supposed to call it Reagan National), while I was waiting for the flight to Seattle. The view is over the Potomac River toward DC itself. Planes at Washington National