Seattle Day 4 - Space Needle/Downtown

Hop on the 74 bus downtown from the Uni District; hop off at the Space Needle. This is the Frank Gehry-designed Experience Music Project building, which also houses the Science Fiction Museum. Flickr photoset here, or read on for more. The Experience Music Project building

The Science Fiction Museum doesn’t allow photography inside the building. This is fortunate, because it means you’ll be spared me rabbiting on about Every Single Bloody Exhibit. Suffice to say that there’s some pretty cool stuff in there - Paul Allen’s Ansari X-Prize trophy; a lot of first-edition science-fiction books, including H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine from the 1890s, an entire weapons cabinet full of props from various series, and a T-800 - I’m not sure how they can have that, though, because isn’t it currently running the state of California? Short summary, though - the readers of this blog will want to get themselves over to Seattle just for this. The Space Needle is pretty impressive. It’s about 520 feet tall - and unlike Centrepoint Tower in Sydney, the lifts are on the outside of the support column. UFO Landing Pad The monorail was out of service, so I decided to walk from one end of the run to the other. It’s not actually all that far - about three-quarters of a mile or so - but I stopped on the way at a nice little cafe for lunch. There’s also a glassblowing studio along the monorail route, where you can go in and watch the craftsmen at work - just like Venice, without having to learn Italian. The world is clearly running out of street names. The monorail ends at the Westlake Center mall, by which time it was raining buckets - I ended up doing what I should’ve done back on day one and bought an umbrella. Here’s a Google map of the (short) route I walked.