Seattle Day 3 - Downtown

Update: Woohoo, I’m up to date!… for the first time since I left Australia… Hop on the 73 express bus at University Avenue; hop off at 3rd and Pike downtown. This is the famous sign at the Pike Place Farmer’s Market. Photoset is here, or read on for more. Pike Place Market

I like Seattle. It has a small-town feel, with big-city facilities. Great libraries, good shopping district, plenty of scenery - and the cafes understand that their customers want free wifi with their coffees. (Funny… nobody in Australia seems to have caught on to that. The first Melbourne coffee shop to offer free wifi will make millions.) It’s mandatory for tourists in Seattle to visit the Pike Place Market. The vibe is similar to the Vic Market in Melb; lots of good fruit and veg sellers (they have bananas!), a few trendy little shops, and a little coffee shop. Except that you’ve probably heard of this little coffee shop. The market has excellent views over Puget Sound - in fact, the whole city does. I wandered up to the shopping district - thankfully there are places other than Starbucks that sell coffee - and then over to the imposing Public Library. They have free wifi, and I ended up plunking down for an hour in a comfortable chair, and working on the K’Tonk’Tonk website (Ross has posted some new comics, by the way). Seattle Public Library Down the vertiginous hill is Pioneer Square. Technically it’s the sketchy part of downtown, but it’s filled with great shops. Agate Productions sells gemstones, fossils, and assorted gifts; Mighty Mouse Toys is one of the best little toystores I’ve ever seen; and the Elliott Bay Book Company is a massive bookstore, stocked with everything you could possibly want. (I ended up buying Dog Days, the book I wanted to read while I was in DC - it’s not great, but not bad.) On the way up, this parking garage baffled me. Here’s the Gmap of the route I walked.