Holiday snaps

Here’s all of my holiday blog posts. NY day 1 - the weather in NY closely resembles the weather in Melbourne, and I discover that the bronze bull is male. NY day 2 - I get lost, and find the biggest concentration of network bandwidth in the world. NY day 3 - the cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery are overrated. NY day 4 - where to get a good cup of tea in NY, and the fifty-thousand-dollar Ferrari. Read on for more.

NY day 5 - a pilgrimage to the Apple store, the UN, and CNN. NY day 6 - powers of ten at the Museum of Natural History, and a good photo of midtown NY. Washington day 1 - Jed Bartlett’s house, and I lower the tone with jokes about the Washington Monument. Washington day 2 - finally, a decent cup of coffee in Washington. Washington day 3 - JRE goes all Shakespearian, and goes snap-happy in the Air and Space Museum. Washington day 5 - The Muppets Take Washington, and an original Apple I. Seattle day 1 & 2 - wandering around the University of Washington, and a bonus photo from Washington National Airport. Seattle day 3 - free wifi for all, and a parking garage that would make M.C. Escher proud. Seattle day 4 - Paul Allen’s collection of sci-fi memorabilia, and eat your heart out, Centrepoint Tower. Vancouver day 1 - lots of beaches, and lots of apartments. Vancouver day 2 - spectacular sunset photos. SF day 1 - JRE goes up a hill and down a mountain, and the only thing in the world that’s more crooked than Victorian construction unions. SF day 2 - I get stiffed by a fortune cookie, and spend lots of time using macro mode on butterflies. SF day 4 - In search of chocolate, and the brains behind SF’s cable cars. SF day 6 - Over the bridge to Sausalito. SF day 8 - lots of cable cars, and back to San Francisco International. Enjoy.