Washington Day 2 - Adams Morgan

A bit of a downtime day. I wandered over to 18th St. and headed north, checking out Adams Morgan, which is allegedly the trendy part of DC. Also, I needed to buy another SD card… my current one (a 1GB Lexar) crapped out and started spewing errors late on the first day in Washington. Only lost a couple of photos of the Capitol, though, so no harm done. Photostream is here, as always, and here’s a couple of highlights, including some very nice old houses. Houses in Adams Morgan

I had to wander about a mile up the street before I found a Radio Shack, but on the way, there were a couple of interesting little stores. Doggie Style, a gourmet dog bakery and boutique, and Jolt’n’Bolt, where I spent an hour sitting with a big mug of coffee, reading the Washington Post and looking out the window. Very nice. On the topic of Radio Shack - Dave asked whether it’s possible to buy Vonage gear in the USA, and then activate it with an Aussie credit card. I checked, and it appears the answer is no - but given how unhealthy Vonage is looking at the moment, you probably wouldn’t want to hook up to Vonage anyhow. Its shares plunged about 20% in the two days after they listed last week and the company hasn’t turned a profit in all the time it’s been alive. My preference would be to stick with Skype. That’s just me, though.