Washington Day 1 - Downtown

Wander out the front door and head south. The weather was nice and crisp, so I skipped the train and walked everywhere. This is apparently some famous guy’s house… I think his last name is Bartlett. See more in the flickr photoset, or read on for more. The White House

All West Wing jokes aside, downtown DC is impressive. It’s photogenic, and there’s plenty of things to see. The downside: it’s small. Seven days was too long to spend in DC - you can walk the whole place in two days, which leaves plenty of time to hit the museums, the Library of Congress, and whatever else you can get tickets to. (On the upside, that gave me time to get back up to date with photoblogging.) This is Dupont Circle. It’s a nice part of town - a little bit trendy, lots of green space, very livable. The apartments are a bit on the expensive side, though… apparently the taxes in DC are a nightmare. All of the pedestrian lights in DC have little countdown timers on them, so you know whether or not you need to run. Best idea ever. I wandered down past the World Bank headquarters (home of the world’s most boring bookstore, dedicated to World Bank policy papers), and ended up at the Renwick Gallery, just opposite the White House. It was free. I wandered in… and they were having a Grant Wood exhibition. You might not know the name, but you definitely will know American Gothic. It was on display. Cool. Onward, past the Treasury Building, to Pershing Park, where I practiced my fill flash skills on this impressive eagle sculpture. Now, hold your snickering - and no Bill Clinton jokes. Across the Ellipse from the White House is the Washington Monument. The phallic symbol From here, you can lie on your back and look up at the sky, or see for miles in three directions: to the Capitol, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial. By this time, I’d walked four miles and was kinda sunburnt, so I jumped on a train back to the hotel. Here’s a Google map of the route I walked.