The train to Washington

Hop on the midday Acela Express at NY Penn Station; hop off three hours later at Washington Union Station. This is a bayside town I passed through. Catch the flickr photoset, or read on for more. Seaside town

We pulled away from Penn Station right on the dot of midday, and I shot this photo looking back toward the Manhattan skyline from New Jersey. There’s a lot of surburbia between NY and DC. With the exception of a stretch in southern New Jersey, it was pretty much suburbia and metropolis all the way. This is the Philadelphia CBD, the next stop after New Jersey. Further down the line is Wilmington, in Delaware, which seems to be a financial centre that I didn’t know about. Delaware’s a popular place to open companies (News Corp is now headquartered there)… but ING Direct? Barclays seem to have a building in Wilmington as well… and if they do, then they’ve picked a nice location for a headquarters. It’s a lot quieter than Manhattan, less humid than DC, and residential property would be far cheaper than Stamford. Wilmington, Delaware After NY, NJ, Pennsylvania and Delaware, the train runs through Maryland, where I shot the first photo above, and this one. I mentioned this in one of the captions, but the train windows made it a nightmare to shoot properly: they were tinted a smoky grey, which made everything look a bit muted and red, and tricked the camera into consistently underexposing. By the time I’d finished editing all of these photos, I had it down to a science… bump up the exposure by half a stop, tilt one-and-a-half degrees right, skew the temperature a little bit toward blue, and bump up the saturation. I think it worked out okay.