NY Day 5 - Midtown

No train trips today. I wandered out of the hotel and started heading north. Here’s the furthest west I reached: the United Nations building. Catch the rest of the flickr photoset here, or read on. The United Nations

I started the day with a pilgrimage to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, now that the crowds had dissipated. It turned out that the crowds were just as big inside. At this point, for some unfathomable reason, I wanted to do two things - visit the UN, and see the Inside CNN exhibition at Columbus Circle. The Inside CNN exhibition was two blocks away across Central Park South. So, of course, I wandered down to the UN building. It’s actually a really nice part of town. Old red-brick townhouses, leafy green streets, lush parks, and brain-shattering prices. I think a few places around there are well over the USD 5 million mark. And for the cost of thirty Porsche 911s, you’d expect a few extras, wouldn’t you? At that point, I realised that I’d gone in completely the wrong direction for Inside CNN - so I headed back across to Rockefeller Center, caught the train one stop uptown, and ended up here, at Columbus Circle, which is right on the southwest corner of Central Park. Columbus Circle The Inside CNN exhibition itself is pretty cool. It’s a 45-minute guided tour - no photographs, unfortunately - where you’re shown around the control rooms, the newsroom itself, and (if you’re lucky) a couple of the studios. Fifteen bucks, so it’s not the cheapest thing in the world, but it’s worth it for news geeks.