NY Day 4 - Soho/Midtown

Hop on the downtown F at Bryant Park/42nd; hop off at Lower East Side/2nd Ave. Find out that it’s suddenly started raining buckets. A rainy day in Soho Hop back on the downtown F; hop off at Essex & Delancey Sts. The flickr photoset is here.

My first quest: Dave asked if there were any places in NYC to get a good cup of tea. I can report that the answer is “yes, BUT…”. In the middle of SoHo (SOuth of HOuston) is a little shop called teany. They have a massive menu of tea - about eighty blends. They’re astonishingly cheap - I drank my way through a five-cup pot of top notch gyokuro green tea for $6.50. But it’s part-owned by Moby. So if you’re of the right-of-centre inclination, or just don’t like annoying hippie dipsticks, you may just have to swallow your moral compunctions and drop in for a pot of tea. It’ll be the best six dollars fifty you ever spent. Teany Across town is the really nice part of Soho - and the eye-wateringly expensive part. A lot of little retail stores have been driven out by rising rents, but there are still some awfully nice stores. Dean and DeLuca, for one. Kid Robot, for another. And then there’s this place, where some unseen force compelled me to stop and spend lots of money. Again, I went too far uptown on the way back to the hotel… which was rather nice, because I jumped off only a couple of blocks from FAO Schwarz - justifiably the world’s most famous toy store. It’s the home of the giant foot-powered keyboard (the keys light up and play when you step on them; available for a quarter of a million dollars), and this toy Ferrari. As I noted in a previous post, people were queueing outside for the opening of the Fifth Avenue Apple store. They seemed not to mind that there was a torrential downpour going on. I thought about joining the queue, but decided against it. The store’s open 24/7/365, after all… there’d be time to go back tomorrow.