NY Day 3 - West Village

Hop on the B/D/F/V downtown at Bryant Park/42nd; hop off at Washington Square/4th St., and head north. Not as many photos from today, but here’s the Flickr photostream for your edification. And here is a photo of a cupcake. Read on to find out why. Magnolia Bakery and cupcake

I wandered up Bleecker Street, the heart of the West Village - and it’s a very nice part of Manhattan. Lots of leafy, green side streets and quiet little local bakeries - or, at least, they were quiet little local bakeries until they appeared on Sex and the City. But I went there anyhow, after being ordered by Saturday Night Live to mack on some cupcakes. Magnolia Bakery Further up Bleecker, toward Chelsea (the part of Manhattan where you shouldn’t drop the soap), is the best collection of shop names in the world. First, there’s Tea and Sympathy (and right next door, Carry On Tea and Sympathy). Up the street is A Salt And Battery (it’s a fish-and-chip shop). Across the street, there’s a store that evidently tried for a good name and gave up - Mxyplyzyk. Coming up next - Soho, and more of midtown.