NY Day 2 - Tribeca/Midtown

Alright… it’s probably about time I started blogging all of the photos that I promised I’d photoblog. Hop on the 4/5/6 downtown at Grand Central; hop off at Canal Street; completely lose my bearings and start walking north instead of south. Here’s the flickr photostream. This is Mocca Cafe in Tribeca, where I had lunch. Mocca cafe in Tribeca

I jumped off the subway at Canal Street, and promptly lost my bearings and started wandering north instead of south. Once I figured that out, I stopped, and had a coffee. I doubled back and wandered back down across Canal into Tribeca - the TRIangle BElow CAnal, hence the name, heading south… and got a bit carried away, ending up down at City Hall, a block north of the World Trade Center site. There was some rather interesting scuplture in the gardens around City Hall - and, thankfully, a tourist bureau with maps. I’d managed to walk all the way through Tribeca, so I doubled back along Broadway and wandered down Hudson Street. Here’s the view back up Broadway from City Hall. Looking up Broadway There are a lot of early-1900s skyscrapers in Tribeca, and here’s a nice example. This is the AT&T; building, overlooking Tribeca Park (which should probably be hauled up before the courts for false advertising - it’s not so much a park as three little green areas in the middle of an intersection). Down the bottom of Hudson is another nice example of the area’s architecture - the old Westen Union building at 60 Hudson. This building is now a telco hotel - telecommunications companies lease floors in the building, then run cables into it, and use short connections between the floors to switch traffic between each other. It’s effectively the world’s biggest network switch - and all of the incoming and outgoing links for each telco mean that there’s probably more bandwidth going in and out of this building than any other building in the world. Suitably awed, I stopped off for coffee at Mocca. Try their lemonade. At this point, I should note that I don’t get Tribeca. It’s supposed to be unbearably hip - starving-artist types, trendy little boutique shops, and all that. But as far as I could see, it’s just grimy buildings and a dearth of places to get good coffee. I’m probably just not hip enough to understand it, though. By this time, I was almost back down at City Hall again - so I wandered across, taking a photo of the Municipal Building on the way, and jumped on the train back uptown. I jumped off at the Rockefeller Center at 50th and 6th, one stop later than I should’ve, and wandered back, past Radio City Music Hall, NBC Studios, and the Rockefeller Center tower itself. Here’s a Google map of the route I walked - the downtown bit of it, anyway.