NY Day 1 - Battery Park/Financial District

Hop on the 45 downtown train at Grand Central… hop off at Bowling Green station. View the Flickr photostream, or read on in the Read More section, after the jump. This is Battery Park, where I started the day, looking north toward Broadway. Battery Park looking north

(Click on the links for Flickr photos… I didn’t embed them, because otherwise it would’ve taken ages to load this page.) When I popped my head out at Bowling Green, it was absolutely hosing. So there weren’t many people around, but it made for some picturesque photos. North of Battery Park, along Broadway, is the famous bronze bull. You’ve all seen photos of it. But have you ever wondered why nobody ever shows photos of it from behind? I ducked out of the rain into the American Museum of Financial History, which is in the basement of the old Standard Oil headquarters at 26 Broadway. (They’re moving later this year, to bigger premises at 48 Wall Street.) It’s not big, but it’s cheap ($2 adults, $1 concession), and they had a neat little exhibit on counterfeit money. Unfortunately, the Department of Homeland Security has ruled that they’re not actually allowed to possess or display any counterfeit money. And a few steps north of there is Wall Street. Whoever named it “Street” should probably be sued for false advertising - the western reaches, at least, are more of a laneway. And the famous entrance to the New York Stock Exchange is not, in fact, on Wall Street - it’s around the corner on Broad Street. New York Stock Exchange I wandered back west, taking this photo of the picturesque Trinity Church which sits at the corner of Wall and Broadway. Two blocks west of there - there was a hole in the skyline. Some more walking, and I was over on the other side of Manhattan, near the New York Mercantile Exchange - home of the crude oil futures that dictate how much you pay at the pump. You can just see the Statue of Liberty across the Hudson River. I doubled back across Manhattan, taking this photo of the WTC site on the way, and ended up back at the Bowling Green park, where the sun shines, the wifi is free, and the resident peregrine falcons can crap all over your laptop while you’re enjoying the sun and the free wifi. Here’s a Google map of the route I walked.