Are you a Commie Sympathiser or an Antigovernment Libertine?

In the tradition of the excellent Political Compass test, here’s another test that aims to tell you whether you’re an “Arch-Conservative”, a “Leftwing Wacko”, an “Antigovernment Libertine”, or a “Commie Sympathizer”. I laughed so hard that I didn’t notice the egregious mis-spelling of “sympathiser”. Sample questions after the jump. Or just go straight to the quiz.

Sample question 1: A cup with that only contains half a cup of water is… Conservative: half full. Liberal: half empty. Libertarian: an example of shortages caused by government control of our water supply. Communist: an example of inequitable wealth distribution caused by the inherent social injustice in free enterprise. Sample question 2: The best things in life… CONS: have a substantial membership fee. LIBL: need price controls. LBRT: are subject to the whims of supply and demand. COMM: have a substantial waiting list.